Is It Just Me, or Is It Hot Out There?

Wow, we have really been having some awful heat lately. I’ve tried to not let it affect my exercising frequency, but it’s hard to stay motivated.

The heat has definitely slowed me down. I wasn’t able to run a mile non-stop during my way-too-hot run on Tuesday and if you read my last post, I wasn’t able to do the 1.5 mile without stopping to walk a little (finished it in 18:40).I think I will be able to do it once this heat dies down a bit.

They canceled our 2 mile run with the Shoreline Squad this week.

From the National Weather Service:

“The combination of afternoon temperatures sizzling in the mid to upper 90s… will produce dangerous heat index values of 110 to 115 degrees during the afternoon and early evening each day.

The impacts of heat stress are cumulative… and increase each deay the heat lasts. This heat wave will be about a week long. Anyone spending significant amounts of time outdoors… will be susceptible to serious and potentially life threatening heat illnesses.”

Despite the persistent warnings of heat that I keep reading, I find that I can’t tell in my mind whether it really is too hot to go outside and exercise or if I’m just thinking it’s too hot so that I have an excuse not to go. Motivation is my biggest hurdle when it comes to exercising.

I played a little over an hour of singles tennis with Chris on Monday and ran with a friend, Sara, on Tuesday. Both nights I was soaked — it felt like my clothes had just come straight out of the washer and skipped the dryer stage (and they definitely weren’t clean).

I have a DISC membership now, which I could use to exercise in air conditioning, but I am avoiding a treadmill like the plague. Ugh I hate treadmills. No distractions, you’re not getting anywhere, nothing to look at besides the really slowly ticking time in red lights in front of you. I may have to suck it up and just get on one of the things. I feel like my time would be inaccurate on a treadmill too, since it’s so controlled. I’d rather go on a bike ride… am I making excuses again?

Here’s to it getting a little cooler outside, because I just can’t exercise inside unless there’s snow on the ground.