Enter to win a pair of X-1 Sport Headphones!

Enter to win a pair of X-1 Sport Headphones!

Running just isn’t the same without some great, energetic music to get you going through those miles! As a runner that depends on my perfected playlist to get me through races, finding the right pair of headphones was crucial to my development as a runner.

I had tried regular earbuds and even some other sport earbud covers, then I tried X-1 waterproof sport earbuds and I will never use any other kind! These headphones are super lightweight, washable and WATERPROOF! How cool is that?? You can even swim in these headphones! Plus they come with 3 different sizes of buds to make sure you get the perfect fit.

My X-1 headphones really came in handy when I did a trail race last fall in the pouring rain! I was dripping wet and debating on how to not land on my butt in the mud but I at least had some good music to keep me going.

Now I want to share my new favorite headphones with you!!

Fat at the Finish is giving away a FREE pair of Flex Waterproof All Sport Headphones (pink) to one lucky winner!!

All you have to do is comment below and tell us — why do you love running?

Entries must be posted by 11:59pm CST on 4/26/2014.

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13 comments on “Enter to win a pair of X-1 Sport Headphones!

  1. My love of running gives me the opportunity to push myself and keep active.I love to start with a goal and the awesome feeling of satisfaction when Ive accomplished my goal on every run.

  2. I like to run because putting on music and hitting the pavement helps clear my mind and destress. Plus cool race medals and tshirts are also nice too :)

  3. I love running because it is my me time. I talk with God and I work out things that bother me. Lets not forget the health benefits either. Completing my 1st 5k tomorrow and have two more planned for June and October. These would come in handy

  4. I love to run because it is my me time. I am a stay at home mother of 3 and this is my time to relax. My husband thinks I am nuts that I consider running relaxing :). I truly enjoy my time out on the pavement!!

  5. I love to run because for us it’s a family affair. My husband runs, my 5 year old loves to run, and I love to run with them while pushing our 10 month old. It’s a great way to exercise, spend time together as a family, and just be out there enjoying the beautiful weather sometimes!

  6. Turned 55 2 yrs ago, had started exercising reularly, & decided to see if I could run a 5k. I did and felt such joy!! Decided to do “five 5ks while I’m 55”. So I did that too! Raced in 3 states, one while on vacation, and did races with both of our children. I’m hooked :-) Continuing to challenge myself…

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