1/2 Marathon Training: Week 5

Uhhgghh… I feel like this week has been terrible! I think my running has actually gotten worse! I’m so frustrated with my body. Last week I was having right knee problems and I thought that was messing up my shin below it. I went to the chiropractor on Friday and got my knee adjusted and it hasn’t bothered me since. BUT my right shin has been absolutely crippling this week. At about a half mile of running, my lower leg tightens and I can’t run at all. It was bad at the 5K on Saturday, fine on Monday, then bad again today (Wednesday). It just sucks a lot because I feel like I can run, I’m not out of breath, I have the energy, but then when I try to the pain is so bad that I just can’t do it. AGGHH I’m so MAD at my body!!! I have researched shin splints and looked up what to do to prevent & treat them but I am starting to think that this is stemming from an injury to my ankle that I had in the fall of 2006 where I sprained my ankle really bad playing tennis. It probably would have been better if I had broken my ankle. I still have a big embossed bruise from it and I think that it’s coming back to haunt me now.

So enough about my physical wall I’ve hit (can’t I just get a new right leg?? It’d help a lot!). Tonight was the last night of the Shoreline Squad 13-week 5K training program that I have been doing since June. It was exciting to be unified as a group to train for this one race. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with it though. I’ve had nights where I say I hate Shoreline Squad! I’m NOT going back! But I kept going (I think I only missed 2!) and I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m not one to get really motivated by “group runs” but it was nice to have so much practice on the actual race course. So if anything, it won’t be like last Saturday’s 5K, where I had to stop and wait for someone behind me to come so I could see where the course was supposed to go. It was not marked at all!! So confusing. :(

I have two 5Ks coming up in the next week. I have the Shoreline Classic 5K on Sunday, which is a very popular race around here and is supposed to have a huge turnout. This will be my first year and Amanda’s second. Should be exciting and I don’t think I’ll finish last, even if I have to walk more than I’d like to because of the right leg. Hopefully I’ll get the leg thing worked out by Sunday. Then next weekend, on Saturday, I’m doing the Betsy Smith 5K which is held at the same park as the Shoreline.  Might as well get some shirts out of my training runs, right? Races make me nervous. It also forces me to compare myself to other runners and then I realize how slow I am. I try to just focus on how I’m doing but lagging behind the pack with extreme leg pain just puts me in such a depressed state thinking that I will NEVER complete a half marathon.

So, wrapping up week 5 of training (how is it week 5 already?!), I think I could be going farther faster if it wasn’t for this stupid leg pain!! I’m frustrated and feeling defeated. I think I’ve hit a physical obstacle, which makes me feel like I’ve hit a wall. Week 6 brings two 5K races! Wish me luck…

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