Amy’s Story

When I reached 238 and was not pregnant, I realized something has to change. When I got pregnant 11 years ago I only weighed 155. I still however thought that I was so fat then. Granted I am 5’8′ so actually in hindsight I was not that overweight.

Growing up I was always taller than all my friends and of course the boys. I can recall an episode when I was in junior high and one of the boys asked me why my rear hung off the seat. I was about 130 then. I have a larger frame also but at that moment I was devastated. I can remember thinking I was never going to be approved of. I never thought those 7 words would stay with my for the next 21 years.

I am 34 years old now and those words still haunt me. I have struggled with my weight after having my children and have never gotten below 200. Every year for the last 11 I have lost and gained the same 20 lbs.

Why can’t I reach my goal? What is keeping me from making it? I since have realized that this time. It is not about what someone might think, it is not about a trip to Cancun in August, it is ONLY about ME and finally staying committed to myself. I have realized that above all things that try to hinder us in life, I AM WORTH IT! I am worth the time, the effort, the commitment, and the results of my hard work. I realized that it is truly ok to put myself above my children for 45 minutes a day. I am a better mother, wife, coworker, and employee when I give myself time to MYSELF. This time is about driving myself to the next level. Not turning to food for comfort but allowing God to show me all the things He sees in me that I have forgotten. He did create me. He does see me as someone worth the effort. He sees all of us as worth the effort. I hope that everyone sees someday what He sees. I know my journey is not over and I also know it will never end. Will I reach my goal? Yes I will!

Q: What is your exercise goal?
A: My immediate goal is to run the Shoreline 5k without having to walk. I would like to complete it in 36 min. I would like to be consistent with my exercise also. To keep it going after the 5k.

Q: What has been your experience with weight in your life?
I just have yoyoed from the ages 23-34. I just could not seem to make it below 200. At 225 currently I still think getting below 200 is going to be hard but I am determined now. I have to this time. 11 years is long enough to go back and forth.

Q: Have you always been athletic or is it something you picked up later in life?
No I have not. I hated P.E. because I can remember being graded on the mile. I always thought there was no way I can make it for an A and since I am usually an “all or nothing” kinda girl I would just walk and fail on purpose. I am finding out however that I am becoming an athlete.

Q: What have been your biggest struggles while exercising and/or dieting?
My biggest struggle is with food more than exercise. I love food and I used to look to it for comfort. I like creating memories with food. All my fondest memories were based around food and holidays. I am desperately trying to find a new way to create memories. A more adventurous, athletic way.

Q: What has been your greatest accomplishment?
Running on a treadmill nonstop for 30 minutes.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?
I have a lot right now. My first motivation is a YouTube video about a guy losing 120 lbs then running a marathon. I am inspired by REAL stories of people I know. I am inspired by Biggest Loser show other TV programs.

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