Dieting & Exercising Through a Hot Summer!

It’s been quite a while since I have posted anything here. It’s been busy!! I took an exercising break for about a month while I tried the HCG Platinum diet. I probably should have blogged about it since it was quite a different dieting experience! It was supposed to be a 40 day long diet and I pooped out at about 30 days. I lost 13 lbs. in 30 days though, so I think it was a good thing to do before really starting my summer running season. Since starting to lost weight in April of 2010, I am up to 42 lbs. lost! I’m almost to the weight I have said I was on my driver’s license since I was 16 ;) haha

So for the last couple weeks, I have been just counting calories and using the My Fitness Pal website/app to track daily nutrients, weight, calories, and exercise. It’s very similar to doing Weight Watchers, but I like it a lot more (plus it’s free). Ever since Weight Watchers changed their program, I haven’t liked it.

So now that I’m back on to a semi-normal diet, I can exercise again! Just in time for the really hot weather, too. We are in week THREE of the Shoreline Squad (already!). I am a squad leader this year and I am really enjoying it. I think we are working towards making the individual squads more relevant this year and I am working on connecting to all of them. I think that knowing people there is going to be more motivation to be in the Shoreline Squad. Last year I had trouble getting myself to go when no one I knew was able to go that week.

This summer I have decided to scale back on my mileage and work on my endurance. Over the past year, I have stuck to running in intervals usually of 1 minute walk/1 minute run. I think I got so comfortable in this method that I stopped pushing myself to do more. Then I probably had it in my mind that I could not run longer than 1 minute at a time. The first 1 mile run at the Shoreline Squad training, I ran with a friend of my mom and she told me I was going to run the whole mile. I didn’t think that would be possible. She didn’t let me stop, only slow down if I wanted to stop, and I ended up running/jogging the entire mile in 13:03! I don’t think I have been able to run a mile non-stop since I was 18! I think I probably was able to, just didn’t push myself hard enough to do so.

Thinking it was a combination of peer pressure and excitement, I tried running 1 mile non-stop again that Sunday and did it! Then I did it even faster on Wednesday! And by one week later, at the second Shoreline Squad group run, I did a mile in 12:16 (my average before this was about 14-15).

It’s so exciting to have small victories like that. It keeps running fresh and challenging – mentally as well as physically. So I guess my running advice is to set little goals for yourself to keep you motivated to get out there and worker harder than you did the last time.