Me & The Shoreline Squad on the News: June 2010

I totally got tricked into doing a tv interview for our local news on week 1 of Shoreline Classic training (Shoreline Squad – June 2010). A guy approached Renee & I and asked if he could ask us a question. Naturally, I was like sure… then woah, a big tv camera appeared out of nowhere and the next week I was looking stupid on tv. Oh and I dragged my mom into it :) My mom “branded” us as the “mother-daughter team” training together and that’s how everyone knew us for the next 13 weeks. Even though my mom didn’t even show up to half of the Squad training sessions. Anyway, I just wanted to share this video since at the time, it was not embeddable and now it is! :) Enjoy and keep your laughter to yourself, haha.