The Races of 2010

In April 2010, I decided to start trying to get healthier. In May of 2010, I did my first 5k. Even though I walked that entire first 5k I did, it was a start! Here’s a look back at the races I did in 2010 and here’s hoping for more (or at least better times) in 2011!

  • Lakeside Dash 5K
  • Forsyth 5K
  • Race for the Cure
  • Firecracker 4th of July 4-mile
  • Race for the Rock Bloomington
  • Race for the Rock Peoria
  • Shoreline Classic 5K
  • Betsy Smith 5K
  • Furry Scurry 5K
  • The Great Urban Race (Bloomington)