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I had NEVER planned to be a runner. I always valued breathing way too much. In high school it took all that I had not to die during PE running tests. I only ran when I had to, and it was awful and treacherous and torture. I even tried to play soccer and didn’t make it through hell week because of all the running… but here is my version of how I became a runner, and the first year as a self-proclaimed recovered lazy girl.

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I went back to find some of my past blogs about my journey into running, how I got started, and even some funny memories. I noticed that it was almost exactly a year from my first stroke of “runner” to my first HUGE accomplishment. I went from running 30 seconds at a time, to running a 5k, to running a 15k, and then a HALF MARATHON. Nuts. I used to tell people how much I enjoyed breathing and that I would never be a runner…. but I think I can say now that I am a runner. After another 4 weeks, I will be back to clockin’ in the miles, and I can’t wait. Distance makes the heart grow fonder… LOL, and this has such a new meaning for me. Every new mileage became a new milestone, a new high… can’t wait to get back into that.

PS. There is no official definition. There is no speed requirement. There is no such thing as a minimum distance. Just LOVE IT and you ARE IT. If you run, you are a runner…. own it. BE IT. LIVE IT.

Here’s an excerpt from my early days of running, only just over a year ago:

From Sep 10, 2009:
“Fatty on a Treadmill”

So, I started this journey with over 100 pounds to lose. Here I am at 57 pounds lost and I cannot believe I am able to actually RUN on a treadmill! I was walking/jogging/interval training around my neighborhood all summer long and one day a couple weeks ago I ran 10 minutes straight for the second time. Now, I did it on a treadmill and I attributed it to the fact that a treadmill is easier because the ground moves for you. I then talked myself into doing another ten minutes after a few minutes of walking, and then I decided to see if I could do another ten on top of that for a total of 20 minutes jogging. I did it! I was so thrilled!!!!

A few days later, I decided to do 20 minutes again.. (of course after warming up for 5) and then I told myself to keep going a few more minutes, and a few more, etc. and it turned into 10 more!!! I ran for 30 minutes straight without stopping!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! I know it’s not a fluke because I did it again yesterday… WITH a BROKEN TOE and WITH a bad SORE THROAT I was able to run for 30 minutes for a total of 2.2 MILES!!!!

This fatty is on her way to former fatty 30 minutes at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From June 23, 2010:
“Finishing my VERY FIRST 5K… March 2010… very emotional.”

I signed up for the shoreline squad – a 13 week training program meant to train people for a 5K or a 15K depending on their level and experience. Tonight was our first “pacer” run. I signed up for the 15k… I am super excited now.

I was nervous… I didn’t know how I would do. It’s like I don’t believe that I am running… and that I almost always run 3 miles… the pacer was 3 miles, and it was 95 degrees… humid, sunny, and very windy. I looked around and felt like I was going to come in last compared to all these “runners.” but….

I am a runner.

and I didn’t come in last.

and I ran an 11 min/mile pace… my usual pace. on a 95 degree day. I am going to run a 15K!!!

The training begins… I have scheduled to train 3 days per week and to cross train 3 days and rest one…

I am PSYCHED. What’s after a 15k? A HALF of course!

Update: I have now done 2 half marathons. My first half was 2:04 in Indianapolis, and my second was 2:12 (awful and HOT!) in South Bend @Notre Dame. I am now training for a full marathon in October @St. Louis (Rock and Roll). I am also blessed enough to be a part of the running group called Shoreline Squad that trains new and returning runners to prepare for a 5K and 15K. The running community is amazing.

I have gotten over the whole issue of “being fast” and I run just because I can. I run because I am alive. I run because it’s freeing and it clears my head. I run for peace of mind. I run for the thrill, the sweat, and the occasional pain or bruise… it all reminds me of where I am going, where I have been, and how my life has transformed in such a healthy and amazing way.

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