Five Miles at Rock Springs

Miles for 2/19/11: 5 miles
Total miles: 7 miles

On Saturday, my friend (and fellow Relay teammate) Amanda and I took advantage of the remaining warm weather and headed out to Rock Springs Conservation Area to run on the bike trail.

According to my training plan, I had to run 5 miles, so I tried to just keep in mind how nice it is to be running outside! We stuck to run 1 minute, walk 1 minute. I wish that I had tried to master speed walking before I decided to start running last summer. I think I lose a lot of time walking too slow between running.

This summer, I’d really like to be able to run for 1 mile without stopping to walk. I know I have been running for a while now but I’m always thinking that I have many miles ahead of me and I try to conserve my energy to last a long time rather than bursting through 1 mile. I’ve got a long way to go.

The bike trail at Rock Springs - It's so pretty out there!

I’m pretty excited though, because the race season is here!!! What does that mean for me? Well, for one, no more running inside at the DISC. Running around a track is ok, but it doesn’t compare to running outside. When you run outside there’s no preset path. I don’t feel like a hamster running on a wheel. I like to just randomly change direction and explore my neighborhood. I get to see nature and some cool houses and that keeps my mind off of what I’m doing. But inside all you have is hot, dry air being pushed out at you from a heating system while you’re running in circles. Plus my GPS watch doesn’t work inside,  so I’d have to count my laps if I wanted to know how far I’ve gone. I could always dress warm and run outside but I don’t handle cold well and I’m extremely paranoid of spraining my ankle on some ice or something. Plus there’s not much daylight by the time I get off work.

So the half marathon is in FIVE days. Five. Less than a week. Can you tell I’m freaking out? It’s just scary to have to trust that my body will do what I tell it to do even though I’ve never done it before. I’ve run far, but not 13.1 miles far. I’ve gone back and forth on thinking “I’ll have no problem” to “I don’t think I can do this”.  I wouldn’t be so nervous if it wasn’t for the time restrictions. You have to keep a 16 minute or less mile or you’ll get kicked out of the race. I always average less than that, but it still makes me nervous. I could never forgive myself if I went through all this training and preparation and hyped this one race up so much with myself and everyone I know just to get carried off the course. Ugh. It won’t happen.