Miles for 3/14/11: 3 miles
Total miles: 28 miles

I ran 3 miles today at the DISC. I guess that’s the farthest distance I have gone since the half marathon. I’m still having some trouble with my right ankle. It’s always been weak since I sprained it in high school playing tennis, but I think it’s mainly because I need new running shoes.  I’m getting new shoes for my birthday this weekend! :)

I wish it would warm up so I can run outside!! I don’t like the cold air and neither do my lungs. I do find it easier to run at the DISC though. For one, the track floor is more springy than concrete/asphalt so the impact on my body is less. Plus, I can run longer between walk breaks with a goal of running around a track one or two times.  My goal this year is to run longer, faster. I only started running late last spring so I’m still working on my endurance.

I hated running indoors because I couldn’t keep track of my miles, pace, distance, etc. without having to try to count in my head. I found a cool app on my phone called “Tap-A-Lap” (screenshot in photo above) that lets you input the number of laps around a track it would take to complete a mile and then every time you complete a lap you tap a big button. I used the app for the first time during my 3 miles around and around the track tonight. I accidentally hit the tap button a couple of times during a lap so it was a little inaccurate on some timing but next time I know to run with the screen locked.