Get Paid to Work Out

If you have an iPhone, then you can get paid to go to the gym. It’s true!

The free iPhone app, GymPact, allows you to set weekly goals for how many times you will go to the gym. You set your pact at how many times a week you will go to the gym and what you will pay for each day you miss. Pacts range in price from $5 – $55 per day missed. Pacts are changeable from week to week, so don’t stress about a changing schedule.

To log your time at the gym, you just check in via the GymPact app and a timer will start running. The app will have you select the gym that you are checked in to. When you are done working out, you check out and your time is logged.

The downside to this app is that it cannot use home, office, or condo/apartment gyms. So if you regularly work out in any of these places, your gym time won’t count. However, you can check in to university gyms, yoga studios, swimming pools, tennis courts, martial arts studios, rock climbing gyms, outdoor tracks, etc.

So how do you get paid and how much? Every Sunday night, the GymPact people calculate how much was paid by those who didn’t get to the gym that week. The money is then divided among those who made their Pact, based on the number of days committed (i.e. 3 days Pact = 3 portions).

For more questions about the GymPact app, or to sign up, see their website.