Rough Running

Miles for 3/23/11: 1 Mile
Total Miles: 29 Miles

I went to run at the DISC tonight after attempting to recover from an awful cold that has overtaken my sinuses & lungs for the past week. I ran a little over a mile but my breathing just wasn’t up to par for running yet, so I called it quits for the day. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath well enough to run efficiently, and breathing plays a large part in running endurance. As you can see from my Tap-A-Lap app for running indoors, my time was quite slow… I think I walked a good majority of that 1 mile :)

I haven’t run very far in my goal of 300-400 miles in 20 weeks. This cold weather has really not inspired me to get out and get running. I’m hoping to do some serious running once the warm weather finally comes! It seems like it’ll never get here! Snow in the forecast for the end of March…