Running Goals Getting Closer

It was a rainy evening on Thursday for the Shoreline Squad’s 3rd week of training. The 5k squads ran through a light rain to do their 1 mile run. You might think that the rain would be refreshing, but I think it just made me feel sweatier than usual. I was glad to have the small, blue Shoreline Squad towel in my car that came in my registration packet.

I felt like I was going really slow. Most of my squad ran past me while I kept checking my watch to see if I had hit a mile yet. Yet, once I hit one mile, I stopped the timer on my watch, and there it was. I had finished running a mile 31 seconds than last week’s run! How exciting – a sub-12-minute mile. I am already 1:18 faster at running 1 mile than I was 3 weeks ago. Now if I can hold that speed for more than a mile, I could probably do the 15k next year, which requires a minimum of 12-minute per mile pace.

This week has been full of heat advisories and thunderstorms are in the forecast. Not very motivating to get outside and do my training. We are supposed to run 20 minutes for training this week and then do 1.5 miles on Thursday.

My goal when I started running was to be able to run to the end of my street and back without stopping. The mileage from my house to the end of the street and back is about 1.6 miles or so. I haven’t been able to do it yet, though I haven’t tried in a while. If I can manage to either run 20 minutes without stopping or run the whole 1.5 miles without stopping at Shoreline Squad on Thursday, I will have reached that goal I set for myself over 1 year ago!

It all makes me excited to be a runner! (I still feel weird saying that about myself) I’m going to go for the 1.5 miles straight and see what happens… not that the heat outside will help. I’ll let you know if I get there ;)