New Goal: Birthday 2012

I weighed myself today… down another 2 lbs! I have lost 44 lbs since April 2010! Yeah, it’s a slow process, but rewarding :) I realized that I only want to lose another 33 lbs to get to my goal!!

My goal right now is just to have a normal BMI… I figured that was a good place to start. One of my motivations to start losing weight was the fact that the Wii Fit practically made fun of me (if you’ve played, you might know the fat “mii” and the dun dun dun disappointing sound).

I remember around the time I started Weight Watchers in spring 2010, I was out walking with my friend, Amanda. We were figuring out how long it would take us to get down to a healthy weight at the rate of losing 1 or 2 lbs a week. The amount of time we came up with seemed like forever… it was overwhelming. That much time? What’s the point? Ugh.

It was kind of at that point that I thought I couldn’t give up on this in just a few months. Weight loss, exercise, and healthy living in general is not an activity with a beginning and end. It’s just a lifestyle. It’s a never-ending process. I think once I accepted that fact, I stopped worrying about when I’d get there, I just knew I would eventually.

So, time flies. 33 more pounds… doable in 33 weeks? My birthday is in 33 weeks. Coincidence? Maybe not! My goal is to be at goal weight by my 27th birthday, March 21, 2012. Help me stick to it!!