Central Illinois’ Biggest Loser Training Begins: Week 2

Oh man, I’m so jealous at what the people doing the Central Illinois’ Biggest Loser are going through! I’ve totally lost it, right? No, really! They get to work out with a bunch of people all working towards the same goal, while starting relatively at the same point in their weight loss goals. Plus they have tough coaches that are pushing them past their (mental) limits! I need that. I’d love to have that kind of physical support system. It’s one thing to have people verbally telling you that you’re doing great and look great and whatnot but it’s a totally different type of support to have someone come exercise with you. One of the hardest things to do is overcome your mind telling you that it’s tired and you need to stop. Every time I’m exercising and I feel like I want to quit, I access whether it is my physical body telling me I need to stop or my mind telling me I need to stop. There’s a big difference… mind over matter! That’s my new motto :)