Join the Penguin Pack!

Calling all 5k’ers!

Would you like to improve your finishing time?  If so, join the Penguin Pack!  Beginning Sunday, January 29, 2012, the Decatur Running Club will implement an 8 week training program designed to boost your 5k performance.  This program combines fartleks, tempo runs and long runs.  And the best news…a timed practice 5k on the actual Penguin in the Park course!


Tuesday – 5:30pm
Alternates between Forsyth Park and Mt. Zion High School track
Thursday – 5:30pm
At the Yacht Club
Saturday – 7:30am
At Nelson Park big pavilion
Sunday – 9:30am
In Fairview Park at the large pavilion

If you are interested in participating in the group training runs on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, please contact Michelle Espy or John Pranschke to receive a copy of the program.