Weight Watchers-Friendly Birthday Cake

On July 30th’s post, Weight Watchers Upside-Down German Chocolate Cake, I told you about this 5 Points cake that I was going to try to make for Chris’s birthday instead of a birthday cake. He really wanted a German Chocolate Cake but thought he’d feel guilty for eating a real German Chocolate Cake.

I whipped up this cake in about 20 minutes or so. It was really easy to make. You just melt some light butter, brown sugar, and water together for the “bottom” of the cake (which turns out to be the top) and then sprinkle in chopped pecans and coconut. Then you mix together German Chocolate Cake mix, egg whites, applesauce, sour cream and buttermilk to make the cake batter. I used light buttermilk and light sour cream… I don’t know if that would make a huge difference in the calories of the cake but I’d like to think so :)

So even though I forgot to spray the pan first, the cake was so moist that it didn’t even matter. It was delicious! I’d definitely make it again!

Get the Weight Watchers Recipe for this cake here.

Yay! Happy 23 Chris!
Wow, look how moist that cake was! You can practically taste it, right?